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The Korean wave, which is the popularity of Korean entertainment outside Korea, is a fairly new phenomenon. Encompassing Korean dramas, films, and songs, it has been highlighted by international media outlets and scholars. Several prestigious newspapers and scholars attempted to explain the competitiveness of the Korean wave, but they have remained biased by missing, overemphasizing, or overlapping important success factors. To provide a more comprehensive and accurate analysis, this paper conducts a rigorous study on the competitiveness of Korean entertainment industry focused on Korean dramas and films with a comprehensive analytical tool, the generalized double diamond model. The results of this study provide evidences that the Korean Dramas wave is not a temporary phenomenon but a sustainable industry segment. For further enhancement of this important industry, this paper suggests useful implications, including international cooperation with other countries.

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plus a couple of other streaming services that followed. Not only did they offer streaming episodes from popular Korean dramas online, but they also came with subtitles. Each of these websites started off with fan made subtitles, with several Korean drama fans working together to ensure the highest quality and accuracy. Through sites such as these, the accessibility to Korean dramas became more widespread, and thus their viewership and popularity began growing more diverse