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Ye Guang is an elite, popular high school student with good grades. Xu Qi Zhang, on the other hand, tends to blend into the background except for when he’s performing on stage with his band. Smitten by the kindness that Ye Guang showed him on one of the saddest nights of his life, Xu Qi Zhang is more than happy to repay that kindness when Ye Guang starts having a hard time with his parents. But will this newfound friendship develop into something more? Ray, Ye Guang’s best friend, is not used to being treated well by his previous boyfriend. So, when he meets Ah Jian, will he be able to give him a chance? A slice of life drama about self-discovery and falling in love.

Director: Tsai Mi Chieh

Also known as: I Secretly Fell in Love with the Student Council President Wo Mo Mo Xi Huan Shang Le Xue Sheng Hui Zhang Momo Mo Mo De Wo Bu Mo Mo De Wo Men 默默的我不默默的我們 我默默喜欢上了学生会长 默默的我不默默的我们 默默 我默默喜歡上了學生會長


Status: Completed

Release Year:

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